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 Water is the blood of Earth 〜 水は地球の血液  〜  Hands in hands like water  〜 水のように手をつなごう  


Our Basic Philosophy             

     We protect the Water of our Earth with Mother heart.
      We consider how to restore the original beautiful Earth for the following       generations and every being.
       We watch over sound water circulations of the Earth with Mother eyes.
      We have insight for truth to create the future Earth.
       We protect purity of Earth water with Mother hands.
      We work for youth education and lifelong education in Water       environment, and for other necessary work on related organizations.

 Every natural being on the Earth is alive by the grace of Water. The Water environments are, however, now facing at the critical conditions despite all the warnings and alerts done before. Those who won't keep their acquiescence to the fact should start acting to keep clean water environments and we are ones of them. The alerting sign of Mother Gaia, indicating the danger of heavy metal pollutions such as lead contaminations, should not be overlooked. It seems we have had a lot of hard problems piled up high. But Ponel, a tiny boy character who is a dew of water, appears and says to us: Natural providence is simple. Water is for every being. Water cannot be exclusive. Water likes sharing. It is very natural and simple.
Can you hear his voice? Even the weakest voice of yours will encourage us. And even a tiniest hand of yours we will take.

Purposes of Activities

To improve general consciousness for water environments, it is significant to research information on the latest global water conditions, provide people with opportunities of learning aquatic conservation, and decrease their anxieties caused by misunderstandings what is going on. We will know where to go not from seditious news but facts and figures. Cross-sectional activities among specialists shall be indispensable. Sensibilities of children open through water art are sometimes more energetic and catching the voice of nature than professionals and adults. The way children contact with nature is simple and dynamic. That's why we take a couple of ways: one is with specialists and empirical, the other is with children and artistic.

The 6th World Water Forum in France
March 15, 2012, Marseille
The latest arctic and antarctic environment data at the point were presented at our presentation for the side event of the 6th WWF, suggesting the concept of
PONEL: Piece-ful Organic Nature and Ecological League for every being.

The 6th WWF gathered more thatn 35,000 participants in Marseille, including 15 heads of State, of governments and European Commissioners, 145 represented countries, 112 Ministers, Vice-Ministers and Secretaries of States, 176 national delegations and international organisations taking part in the Ministerial Declaration, more than 750 elected officials among which 250 mayors and 250 parliamentarians, more than 500 sponsorised persons, 3,500 NGOs and civil society representatives, and more than 2,600 children and youth

The 5th World Water Forum in Turkey
March 19, 2009, Istanbul
Our presentation, as only one Japanese group for the speakers corner, included the voices of thousands of people claiming clear water environments as well as beautiful water scenary photos of all around Japan.
33,058 participants from 192 countries took part in the 5th WWF, including 9 Heads of States/Governments and princes, 85 Ministers, 14 high level representatives from Intergovernmental Organizations, 250 parliamentarians and 200 local authorities including 59 Mayors, 135 children from 21 countries who gathered for the 3rd Children's WWF, and more than 200 young people attending the Youth Forum.

34th G8 Toyako Summit in Japan
July 7-9, 2008, Hokkaido
Several Ponel Exhibitions were held at and around Toyako area as one of the Summit participant groups and thousands of signitures claiming clear water environments were delivered to then prime minister.

Since March 2008, NGO Feminine Conference on Water has worked for keeping clean and safety water environments for next generations. We have held more than 450 events including free workshops of water environmental education, water quality surveys, and exhibitions called “PONEL-ten” all over Japan as well as several countries. Water surveys have been done in around 40 countries as well as arctic and antarctic.

Children like the water dew character “Ponel” and soon make friends with him to learn everything about water through him. After the exhibition at the United Nations University, another PONEL-ten was held at Narita Airport, and children water goodwill ambassadors sent to Istanbul had Children Water Symposium there.   

Since 2008
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